About us

Efficiency, professionalism, and honesty are what informs our logbook loan services. As Ochis Loans, we have over the years been committed to assisting our UK customers to get access to affordable logbook loan services while ensuring that they are properly educated and that the decisions they make are in their best interests. We are always on top of matters regarding logbook loans and this explains why we take it upon ourselves to enlighten our customers prior to approving their applications. We understand that getting declined when you urgently need a cash advance can take a toll even on the strongest amongst us.

For this reason, our customers have the assurance that their logbook loan application will always be approved irrespective of how poor their credit rating is. We started operations with the sole objective of giving bad credit individuals a second chance. Provided that you own either a car, a motorcycle, a truck or even a van, we give you the assurance that we will approve your V5 loan. Our solid reputation in the logbook loan industry coupled with our professional business acumen is what has soared our popularity through the roof.

We believe that our customers come first before everything and this explains why our personnel are always ready and willing to guide our esteemed customers through the logbook loan application process.