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Welcome to Ochis Loans

Granted, no one likes to be broke or to be in a situation whereby they canít afford the basic things in life. Financial constraints are not something we are proud of or something we would wish on the worst of our enemies. However, the reality is that we are not all cut from the same cloth and have different financial capabilities. There are those of us who have it smooth with finances and there are those of us who simply get by. To the unfortunate few with a less than stellar credit score, getting access to loan facilities and even any kind of a phone contract is a tall order.

The over-emphasis on the need to have an excellent credit score has since time immemorial been a thorn in the flesh of UK citizens struggling with bad credit. Well, this was the order of the day for scores of bad credit laden individuals until logbook loans became a reality. As Ochis Loans, our entry into the logbook loan market was partly informed by the need to bridge the gap in the market as well as the need to change the fortunes of thousands who had no remedy whenever they needed an emergency loan at a short notice.

Our star as Ochis Loans has over the years been constantly rising because we endeavour to treat our customers first as humans and not based on the past financial mistakes they make. From the very first day we started operations, we have been steadfast and committed to our mission and vision. We can say without any fear of contradiction that we have been able to assist thousands of UK citizens who in the past could not get approved for a logbook loan. Our philosophy is quite simple really. If you have a car that is in good condition, stop worrying and come to us as weíve got you covered.

The logbook loan we advance to you as Ochis Loans is secured against your van, car, truck or motorcycle. In full understanding of the ignorance that persists among individuals, we endeavour to take a different approach. We do not just simply check whether you meet the requirements and go ahead to approve your application. We understand that individuals who are backed against the wall tend to make irrational decisions just to get the finances they need and that is why we undertake the concept of education seriously.

Our celebrated and award-winning professional customer personnel are not just there to facilitate your applications but also quite instrumental in guiding you and offering you advice as regards logbook loans. In other words, we want to ensure that you make the right decision and that you understand not only the benefits but also the risks of taking out a V5 loan. We take you through the merits, the risks, the laws and regulations governing the UK logbook loan industry just to mention but a few.

We endeavour to give you financial advice, guide you in the process of applying for a simple logbook loan and ensure that the final decision you make is one you wonít regret in the foreseeable future. We are a listening UK logbook loan provider and therefore endeavour to do everything possible to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with our services.

We simply donít care how many times youíve been turned down or how quickly you need a cash advance. What we do promise you is that we take the needs of our customers very seriously and endeavour to approve applications within a couple of hours provided that you take the necessary steps to furnish us with all the required documentations. Our guiding principle is that a satisfied customer is key to our own success and that is why we go beyond the call of duty to ensure that all your logbook loan needs are met!